• Digital Printing Inks and Cartridges

    Quality Inkjet Solutions, insert and print, no flushing...

    • OEM Matched Color Gamut - use existing color profiles
    • Cartridge Compatibility - Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki and HP L26500 L25500 HP 9000 HPz6100 HP 5500/5000 insert & print cartridges
    • Long-term Performance - excellent resistance to color fading (matched OEM durability)
    • High Impact Color - equivalent original OEM ink sets
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    100% Guaranteed

    Off Contact Productions established in Toledo in 1999. John Brewer the operation manager states "we are a digital production house using Budget-Inks products for 5 plus years and we can confidently say they perform great. These inks have saved us up ward to a $2,500.00 per month or more..." 

    Our goal is to provide high quality OEM Matched digital inks that are designed for you digital print heads and media compatible, 100% Guaranteed.


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    Budget-Inks is a wholesaler of quality inks for digital printers, 100% guaranteed. Matched OEM inks at wholesale prices...